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1 -What's up, I'm T.J. I'm on Facebook under that name, and it's probably easiest to get to me through FB Messenger. The profile pic is me in a purple XC jersey. Other ways to get to me are text (703-789-6054), or email (, although email will probably result in a super late response.
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1 -Georgie Clinton himself
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1 -Nile Rodgers
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1 -Chantilly Maher Aff
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1 -00 - Contact Info
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1 -Funk


Acton Boxborough (MA)
Advanced Technologies Academy (NV)
All Saints (TX)
American Heritage Boca Delray (FL)
American Heritage Plantation (FL)
Arcadia (CA)
Archbishop Mitty (CA)
Auburn (AL)
Barrington (IL)
Bay Independent (CA)
Bergen County (NJ)
Blair Academy (NJ)
Brentwood School (CA)
Bridgewater Raritan (NJ)
Bronx Science (NY)
Brookline (MA)
Canyon Crest (CA)
Carmel Valley Independent (CA)
Carnegie Vanguard (TX)
Catonsville (MD)
Chantilly (VA)
Charlotte Catholic (NC)
Cherokee (GA)
Claremont (CA)
Classical Academy (CA)
Colleyville Heritage (TX)
Cosby (VA)
Crescenta Valley (CA)
Crossings School (OK)
Cypress Bay (FL)
Cypress Falls (TX)
Cypress Ranch (TX)
Cypress Woods (TX)
Denver East (CO)
Durham (NC)
Evanston (IL)
Freehold Township (NJ)
Granada Hills (CA)
Harker (CA)
Harrison (NY)
Harvard Westlake (CA)
Heights (TX)
Hill School (PA)
Holy Cross (LA)
Houston Memorial (TX)
Jack C Hays (TX)
Jenks (OK)
La Costa Canyon (CA)
La Salle (PA)
Lake Travis (TX)
Lamar (TX)
Lexington (MA)
Lovejoy (TX)
Loyola (CA)
Lynbrook (CA)
Magnet (CA)
Marvin Baker (TX)
McDowell (PA)
McNeil (TX)
Millard North (NE)
Millburn (NJ)
Milton (GA)
Minnetonka (MN)
Montgomery (AL)
Montgomery Blair (MD)
Montville (NJ)
Mountain House (CA)
Nashua South (NH)
Needham (MA)
North Allegheny (PA)
North Central (WA)
North Hollywood (CA)
Northland Christian (TX)
Northview (GA)
Northwood (CA)
Peninsula (CA)
Plano Senior (TX)
Plano West (TX)
Portola (CA)
Princeton (NJ)
Quarry Lane (CA)
Rancho Bernardo (CA)
Research Triangle (NC)
Sage Hill (CA)
San Marino (CA)
Santa Monica (CA)
Saratoga (CA)
Scarsdale (NY)
Sequoia (CA)
Seven Lakes (TX)
South Eugene (OR)
Southlake Carroll (TX)
St Petersburg (FL)
St Pius X (GA)
Stone Bridge (VA)
Strake Jesuit (TX)
Syosset (NY)
Thomas Jefferson (VA)
Torrey Pines (CA)
Trinity Valley (TX)
Verge Independent (CA)
Vestavia Hills (AL)
Walt Whitman (MD)
Westlake (CA)
Westlake TX (TX)
Westview (OR)
Westwood (TX)
Whatcom (WA)
William G Enloe (NC)
Windsor Park (TX)
Woodlands (TX)