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Last modified by Richard Dunn on 2014/01/13 14:52
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Victory Briefs Tournament1Dougherty Valley SZ

Mark OKrent



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Victory Briefs Tournament4Los Altos SD

Allie Woodhouse



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Victory Briefs Tournament6Meadows SV

Andrew Chang



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Victory Briefs Tournament1

Opponent: Dougherty Valley SZ | Judge: Mark OKrent

Victory Briefs Tournament4

Opponent: Los Altos SD | Judge: Allie Woodhouse

Victory Briefs Tournament6

Opponent: Meadows SV | Judge: Andrew Chang

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JanFeb 2014 Dehumanization DA


JanFeb 2014 Economics NC


JanFeb 2014 Topicality- Conflict


JanFeb 2014 Topicality- Countries


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Created by Richard Dunn on 2014/01/05 12:47


Annie Wright (WA)
Apple Valley (MN)
Appleton East (WI)
Arbor View (NV)
Arcadia (CA)
Ashland (OR)
Bainbridge (WA)
Barbers Hill (TX)
BASIS Scottsdale (AZ)
Benjamin Franklin (LA)
Benjamin N Cardozo (NY)
Bettendorf (IA)
Bingham (UT)
Brentwood (CA)
Bronx Science (NY)
Brophy College Prep (AZ)
Brown (KY)
Byram Hills (NY)
Cambridge Rindge (MA)
Canyon Springs (NV)
Carpe Diem (NJ)
Cedar Ridge (TX)
Centennial (ID)
Center For Talented Youth (MD)
Cerritos (CA)
Chaminade (CA)
Charles E Smith (MD)
Christ Episcopal (LA)
Christopher Columbus (FL)
Citrus Valley (CA)
Claremont (CA)
Clements (TX)
College Prep (CA)
Collegiate (NY)
Colleyville Heritage (TX)
Coral Springs (FL)
Copper Hills (UT)
Cypress Bay (FL)
Cypress Falls (TX)
Cypress Ridge (TX)
Cypress Woods (TX)
Delbarton (NJ)
Derby (KS)
Des Moines Roosevelt (IA)
Desert Vista (AZ)
Dobson (AZ)
Dougherty Valley (CA)
Dowling Catholic (IA)
Dulles (TX)
Eastside Catholic (WA)
Elkins (TX)
Evanston (IL)
Evergreen Valley (CA)
Flintridge Sacred Heart (CA)
Flower Mound (TX)
Fordham Prep (NY)
Fort Lauderdale (FL)
Frontier (MO)
Gig Harbor (WA)
Grand Junction (CO)
Grapevine (TX)
Greenhill (TX)
Hamilton (AZ)
Hamilton (MT)
Harker (CA)
Harmony (TX)
Harrison (NY)
Harvard Westlake (CA)
Head Royce (CA)
Heights (MD)
Henry Grady (GA)
Highland (UT)
Hockaday (TX)
Houston Homeschool (TX)
Hutchinson (KS)
Immaculate Heart (CA)
Interlake (WA)
Isidore Newman (LA)
John Marshall (CA)
Jupiter (FL)
Kamiak (WA)
Katy Taylor (TX)
Kempner (TX)
Kent Denver (CO)
Kinkaid (TX)
Kudos College (CA)
La Costa Canyon (CA)
La Jolla (CA)
Lafayette (MO)
Lake Highland (FL)
Lakeville North (MN)
Law Magnet (TX)
Leland (CA)
Leucadia Independent (CA)
Lexington (MA)
Liberty Christian (TX)
Lincoln (OR)
Livingston (NJ)
Logan (UT)
Lone Peak (UT)
Los Altos (CA)
Loyola (CA)
Lynbrook (CA)
Marcus (TX)
Marlborough (CA)
McClintock (AZ)
McDowell (PA)
McNeil (TX)
Meadows (NV)
Memorial (TX)
Millard North (NE)
Millburn (NJ)
Milpitas (CA)
Miramonte (CA)
Mission San Jose (CA)
Monsignor Kelly (TX)
Monta Vista (CA)
Montclair Kimberley (NJ)
Montville Township (NJ)
Mountain Pointe (AZ)
Mountain View (CA)
New Orleans Jesuit (LA)
Newark Science (NJ)
Newburgh Free Academy (NY)
North Crowley (TX)
Northland Christian (TX)
Oakwood (CA)
Okoboji (IA)
Oxbridge (FL)
Palo Alto (CA)
Palos Verdes Peninsula (CA)
Peak to Peak (CO)
Plano East (TX)
Presentation (CA)
Rancho Bernardo (CA)
Randolph (NJ)
Reagan (TX)
Ridge (NJ)
Riverside (SC)
Roseville (MN)
Round Rock (TX)
Rowland Hall (UT)
Sacred Heart (MA)
Salado (TX)
Sammamish (WA)
San Dieguito (CA)
San Marino (CA)
Saratoga (CA)
Scarsdale (NY)
Servite (CA)
Seven Lakes (TX)
Shawnee Mission South (KS)
Southlake Carroll (TX)
Sprague (OR)
St Francis (CA)
St Louis Park (MN)
St Margarets (CA)
St Marys Hall (TX)
St Thomas (MN)
St Thomas (TX)
Stoneman Douglas (FL)
Stony Point (TX)
Strake Jesuit (TX)
Stratford (TX)
Stuyvesant (NY)
Timothy Christian (NJ)
Torrey Pines (CA)
Travis (TX)
Trinity Prep (FL)
Trinity Valley (TX)
Turlock (CA)
University School (OH)
University (FL)
Valley (IA)
Valor Christian (CO)
Vashon (WA)
Veritas Prep (AZ)
Walt Whitman (MD)
Wenatchee (WA)
West (UT)
Westlake (TX)
Westwood (TX)
Whitney (CA)
Winston Churchill (TX)
Woodlands (TX)
Woodlands College Park (TX)
Wren (SC)

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